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Cashback from your supermarket shop!

So we’ve been doing a lot of research lately into ways of saving money / making money. Ever since Brexit, prices in the supermarket and everywhere have steadily risen, you can now leave with only one bag of shopping and have already spent almost £50.

So we did some digging and came across a few phone apps that give you cashback on your weekly shop.

The ones we tested were:-

There are more, of course, but these are the ones that we tested and will review now.

What do they do?

The basic concept is, you check the app for the latest offers in your chosen supermarket (and not all supermarkets are listed), you purchase these as part of your shop and when you arrive home you take a photo of your receipt, which is then uploaded inside the same app, once confirmed you receive the cash back in the app. When you reach the minimum payout limit per app, you can transfer to your bank, or PayPal account.


The long and short of it is, you get paid for the market research that these companies do with your receipt. It is completely anonymous, so there is no reference back to you or your address, if privacy is a concern. There are also no surveys to fill in, the only thing you need to add is either, your bank account or PayPal address, for payment purposes.

Let’s start with Green Jinn.

Green Jinn cashback App

They have both iOS and Android versions, so pick the correct one for your phone.

How it works

  1. Set preferences to get personalised supermarket coupons
    Start by defining your favourite kinds of products, so the Jinn can learn about your tastes. Once a week the Jinn will send you a new, personalised selection of coupons,  made specifically for you.
  2. Go shopping to buy your products
    When you go to the supermarket, select coupons and buy the products you like. Remember to take the receipt with you, because you’ll need a proof of purchase in order to claim your cashback.
  3. Snap a picture of a receipt and get cashback
    Finally, snap and send a photo of your receipt just with one tap. Afterwards, you can claim cashback for products which you’ve bought. As a result, you’ll receive money on your PayPal or bank account.

Minimum payout is £1.50

Currently Green Jinn only has Sainsburys and Waitrose in their supermarket list, but there are still some great offers available, and the low minimum payout means you don’t have to wait long to get your cash back.

On test, the longest we had to wait for a receipt to be approved was no more than a few hours, but it all depends on the quality of the photos of the receipts that you take. As long as you make sure to include all the information from the receipt (date, store no, items, total etc) then approval is normally straightforward.

Next on the list, Checkout Smart.

Checkout Smart cashback App

They have both iOS and Android versions, so pick the correct one for your phone.

How it works

  1. Check out the rewards
    View exclusive offers on all your favourite grocery brands.
  2. Shop in-store or online
    Get your shopping from any supermarket and keep your receipt.
  3. Get paid
    Upload a picture of your receipt, and we’ll put cashback into your account.

Shopmium cashback App

They have both iOS and Android versions, so pick the correct one for your phone.

How it works

  1. Buy products
    that you choose to discover.
  2. Take a picture
    of your receipt through the app.
  3. Receive your rebate
    straight to your PayPal or bank account.

Now, the biggest difference with Shopmium is the fact that you can purchase an item that is on offer in any supermarket, as long as it’s listed in the app and the terms and conditions are not contrary to this.

The second difference is cashing out, whereas you have to manually withdraw the cash with Green Jinn and Checkout Smart, Shopmium is automatic. So, no matter how small the cashback value is, once it’s been approved it goes straight into your PayPal or Bank account, making the whole process very fast.


Out of all three that we tested, Shopmium would appear to be the best due to not being tied down to the stores listed in the app, along with the no minimum automatic payment feature. However, all three have their plus points, and I would personally install all of them. The offers are usually different between each, so you can claim for the offers relative to the app as long as you don’t try and claim the same offer item(s) between apps.

Of course, if only £20-30 a week isn’t enough for you, then check out my review of Profit Accumulator and see how you could make yourself even more money on top of these.

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